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baukonsult knabe

baukonsult knabe

As project architects and engineers we see ourselves as
generalists who keep all things concerning planning and
controlling of big building projects firmly in hand and al-
ways act in the interest of the constructor.

When it comes to designing physical structures and associ-
ated equipments our architects, structural designers and
building engineers always work hand in hand. In addition,
we also provide services which require further specialist
know-how such as planning of preventive fire protection,
coordination of safety and health protection or assess-
ment of damage to premises and buildings.

We accompany our clients from beginning to end: During
the planning stage we plan and visualize the project in co-
operation with the constructor. Afterwards, we monitor
the building project up to the final stage of delivery. Up
to now, we have been working for private constructors,
charitable organizations and governmental institutions.
Yet, we are also in the position to offer self-designed pro-
ducts of constructors in the investment sector on the free
market. The profitability of a structure as well as the time
time schedule for its construction are calculated and mon-
itored with the aid of state-of-the-art software systems.
Thereby, simulations and forecasts assist in providing an
excellent real-time representation of the expected situa-

With our integrated work approach we want to ensure the
construction of sustainable buildings and to guarantee our
clients the long-lasting attractiveness of their investment.
Due to the digital acquisition of structure and planning data we are able to provide databases for facility management or we can continuously export structure data into existing facility management systems.